Isabella Rose Giannulli net worth

5 Things That Has Made Isabella Rose Giannulli So Famous

Isabella Rose Giannulli is the daughter of famous parents. Her father has his own fashion brand and her mother is an actress, producer, and former model. Hence, she comes from a multi-millionaire background. They are a family of four. Two sisters and their parents. Isabella is known as Bella, as it is her nickname. Her sister, Olivia Jade, is an established YouTube star and is quite a celebrity.

Isabella Rose Giannulli Net Worth: $500,000
Age: 21 years old. 
Date of Birth: September 16th, 1998
Height: 5′ 6″
Gender: Female
Siblings: Olivia Jade Giannulli
Parents: Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli
Zodiac: Virgo
Birthplace: LA, California, USA. 

Isabella is an American actress who is very famous for her fashion blogs and her roles in movie projects like Alone, Homegrown Christmas, and Every Christmas has a story.

She is still active on her social media accounts as she uses the platform for uploading her blogs about the emerging trends in fashion, and hundreds of thousands of people are following here there.

Isabella Rose Giannulli facts and net worth
Isabella Rose Giannulli facts and net worth

Isabella is also a well-off kid on her own. Despite being born to rich parents, she has established a shining career for herself as she is an actress and an Instagram influencer with quite a decent fan-following. Just as the brink of her career, she has the potential to be much more famous and be in the limelight.

Isabella Rose Giannulli’s net worth is around $500K, which says enough about her career stability. Here are five things that made her famous.

She is born to millionaires

Being a star kid is never an easy task. You don’t have a private life and anything you do makes it to the screens. Nothing is different for Bella. She was born to millionaire star parents with both pretty successful at their jobs. This is the first reason why the world knows her. Because she isn’t a random person.

Isabella Rose Giannulli
Isabella Rose Giannulli

Before she even got a name for herself, she was known in both the fashion and film industries. Some people say that it helped her to get in the filming business, however, her acting skills justify her being in the field. And it looks like she is going to stay.

Professional life: 

She made her first professional move four years back in 2016, by acting in a movie named “Every Christmas has a story.” The movie was a big hit, which gave her the confidence to play roles in drama series for television as in 2018, “Alone together” was her major TV project. She appeared on many Television shows like “Entertainment Tonight”. She was one of the nominees for Teen Choice Awards in 2017.

Her acting career

Being just 21, Isabella has starred in multiple movies and created a brand worth for herself. Unlike many, she has not given a flop film and that is enough evidence of how stable as an actress she is. Her acknowledged works include every Christmas has a story, Homegrown business, and alone together. She debuted at a young age of 17 and her confidence was what supported her throughout. Apart from movies, she has appeared as herself in five television episodes since 2016.

 Isabella Rose Siblings:

She has a sister famous for her blogs on social media accounts, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. Her 20 years old sister, Olivia Jade Giannulli, has millions of followers on her Instagram account and a million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Isabella Rose Giannulli with family posing for an event
Isabella Rose Giannulli with family posing for an event

Family of Isabella Rose:

She is the daughter of American film actress Lori Loughlin who is the wife of the owner of the famous clothing brand “Mossimo.” She also has a sister Olivia Jade who is famous for her strong influence on social media and has a net worth of about 1 million dollars. She also has a stepbrother, “Gianni Giannulli.”

In which college is she enrolled and her current education status:

She got admission to the University of South California, but she and her sister are no longer enrolled in that institute. It is because the administration of University accuses their parents of paying five hundred thousand dollars to Rick Singer to enter their daughters in the crew team of University. Singer was pleaded guilty for this scandal while Mossimo and Lori were pleaded not guilty.

Isabella Rose Giannulli with olivia jade and lori
Isabella Rose Giannulli with olivia jade and lori

Who is Mossimo Giannulli?

Mossimo Giannulli is the father of Isabella. He is a 57 years old American fashion designer by profession who married Lori Loughlin in 1997. He owns a clothing brand “Mossimo” that was founded by him in 1989.

Mossimo Giannulli with family
Mossimo Giannulli with family

Isabella Rose relationship with Lori Loughlin

Lori and her husband had to face a scandal after offering a massive amount of money to Rick Singer for their daughters’ admission. Both the parents were accused of many other charges, such as Money laundering and bribery.

This scandal had shaken the relationship of Lori with her daughters, especially with Isabella. According to some sources, Isabella turned against her mother and is planning revenge with her sister.

But you cannot believe it until a true statement comes directly by the actress. While Lori’s mother was in jail, she gave John Stamos the responsibility to take care of her girls.

A flawed source told the distribution that Loughlin requested her little girls to “keep your mouths shut and your noses clean!” However, the “insider” included, the young ladies “don’t appear to comprehend or mind how critical their folks’ circumstance is.”

The USC scandal

Almost every celebrity faces one or more scandals throughout their career. Bella and her sister landed in one that accused them and their parents of bribing the admission committee of the University of South California to let the sisters be a part of the crew. The couple claimed it was a donation. But until further prosecution, both sisters are expelled from the university.

Her interests

She is a social media personality with around 300K followers. She loves to travel and influence people on Instagram to do the same. Traveling and sight-seeing appeals to many young people and that is what makes her famous among this social group.

Isabella Rose Giannulli interests
Isabella Rose Giannulli interests

She has a friendly nature

Her nature is what helps her get through to almost everyone. She is known for her bubbly looks and charming personality in the industry. Also, she is friends with many celebrities and parties a lot, most of which make the news and this is how she spends adequate time on the TV screens.

Isabella Rose Giannulli in white dress
Isabella Rose Giannulli in white dress


She has set her nickname “Bella” her username on Instagram. She has about 145 posts on her official Instagram page @bella with 226 thousand followers.


The famous star kid also has an account on Facebook, but she doesn’t use it actively. If you ever search for her by mentioning her username on the search bar, her profile will appear on the top of search results. Her username on Facebook is @Isabella Rose Giannulli.


Isabella has a very less fan base with 150 followers on twitter, which shows that she is less active there. The last time she made a tweet was five years ago in 2015. @isabella_rose

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