Efficient Measures to Grow Your Twitter followers As A Celebrity

6 Easy but Efficient Measures to Grow Your Twitter followers As A Celebrity

People all over the world love to use twitter. It is a global platform to get recognized and engage with a whole lot of people. But it’s not a one night stand out. You need to put in the effort to get fruitful results. Twitter’s world has always been sophisticated. As running a twitter account is not a piece of cake until and unless you are capable enough of spreading the word. Let’s discuss 6 easy but efficient measures to grow your twitter followers.

Your profile appearance

twitter marketing
twitter marketing

Your appearance counts a lot. If you want to buy twitter followers cheap to like and share your videos or content you first need to assure them of your identity. There are millions of fake accounts on twitter so it’s hard to believe for the viewer which ones fake and which ones not. Make your real image your profile picture. If you are endorsing a brand or business then go with the logical photo that represents your brand including the user name.

Use of hashtags

Hashtags are a great source of attracting an audience. Popular hashtags like #blessedFriday or #metoo movement; they are recognized throughout the world. Using such famous hashtags can get your recognized. It’s all about becoming famous within your audience. Try to avoid the miss use of hashtags. They can get you bad results. Don’t use too much of hashtags in one sentence that would require the delicacy of a tweet

Be a blogger

What does blogging have to do with the followers? Guest blogging is the best way to built links. It’s the most efficient way. To improve the search traffic, the blogger writes guest articles. Google has been noticing this behavior and has started to keep keen eyes on guest blogging. It has not only been helpful to get a high rank in SEO but also to get attention from recognized high ranked blogs. It is the best way to get the awareness of your brand.

Ask for retweets

The best way to do it is to simply ask for it. Post as many tweets as you can justify asking for retweets. By getting positive feedback, which you probably will, the followers of your followers will see your tweet and you will get noticed. If you have shared the best content, they would want to follow you and you will get a lot of likes

Know the timings of a tweet

Twitter has the shortest life cycle of the tweet. It hardly takes 18 minutes for the tweet to vanish. Keeping in mind the life span, you will have to act quickly and wisely. Notice the timings of your audience when it is the time they are tweeting the most. Measure and analyze the frequency and act accordingly. You will then be able to reach out to more followers.

Retweet Timing
Retweet Timing


Following new people is a great source of knowing people around your circle. Finding people with similarities are a good source of increasing the content and following them. This is because they are in the same business as you are. You can learn new ways from them and increase your following.