6 Latest Events In The World That Did Not Get Attention of Media

Politics is the science of dealing with issues related to governance of a state or particular area. World politics deals with all the political activities on global level including elections in different countries, signing treaties between various states and global struggle for peace. Following are some of the latest events in world politics;

  • Drone attack on Iranian Major General Qasem Sulaimani:

The shocking death of Iranian general Qasem Sulaimani has led to a major change in politics of Iran as it has created a greater tension in terms of foreign policy of Iran with United States. Sulaimani being a time sensitive target was killed at the moment and this drone attack has created many privacy concerns with wave of revenge among citizens which is developing a clear threat to U.S and its allies. This will definitely effect the policies of president Trump on global level as a minor change in foreign and defense policy of Iran will cause much destruction to U.S.

  • Ongoing economic war between China and U.S:

The economic war of trade between China and U.S is an ancient conflict which is still not resolved. Because of the rising power and industry in China, it is on its peak of productivity and it exports much of its goods to various regions of world. But due to increased tariffs and many other trade barriers (of which culture is of the most crucial fact) between both countries has added fuel to China-U.S economic war.

  • Boris Johnson winning the general elections:

Boris Johnson is the leader of currently working Conservative party who have won the elections with Twenty thousand four hundred and sixty six votes. About 114 members of parliament voted for him. He has made a slight change in the foreign policy of U.S via announcing the trade negotiations and the agreement made for the deadlines of tariffs between China and U.S. This is a major change in world politics as both states are on rise and negotiations for economic war will promote peace and more transfer of productivity across the globe breaking all the trade barriers.

World Events
World Events
  • Approval of U.S and BREXIT deal:

On 31st January the parliament of Britain finally approved the deal of U.S and BREXIT which has making U.S way out from the European Union. Governments of both nations have been in a state of argument and tension since so long but after the approval of this deal U.S had made its direction out from the EU. After this agreement the main concern of Britain parliamentarians is about the rest of nations of EU. Negotiations with other twenty seven nations still a challenge for U.S to deal with.

  • Afghanistan Elections:

The recent elections held in Afghanistan went in complete favor of Ashraf Ghani yet the members of opponent party declare the decision wrong and are rejecting the results. Ghani have secured about fifty percent of votes but a second poll was conducted after which the opponent Abdullah declared himself as the winner but later it was considered an illegal decision. This has created a chaotic situation in Afghanistan which has led to a settlement of an agreement of peace between U.S and Afghanistan. The agreement is now at the phase of its completion.

Global news
Global news
  • Scrapping of Article 370 by Government of India:

A state of isolation has been employed on the state of Azad Jammu Kashmir, by Indian government which caused much trouble in the state. India declared approval of article 370 on Kashmir which means the citizens and leaders of Kashmir can construct their own rules. But later on Prime Minister Modi’s call the Interior minister of India declared the scrapping of the article 370 by giving a statement that this is hindering rights and extensions for other states of India. This is creating a huge mess in terms of global politics and is spoiling the Pak-Indo relations to a greater degree.

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