How to make Rice Wine Vinegar and its Benefits

How to make Rice Wine Vinegar and its Benefits

Rice wine vinegar is the main ingredient for cooking many foods in Asia. It is basically made up of fermented rice. It has various benefits to your health. It is sweet in flavor and is easily available at any grocery store. However, you can also make it yourself at your home.

How to make?

In order to make rice wine vinegar at home, you would require rice, yeast, sugar, and eggs.

  1. Pour water into rice and let it sit in a bowl. After four hours, take a cloth to strain the mixture and keep water in the bowl. Place the rice water into fridge for a night.
  2. The next step is to add sugar. One cup of rice water solution requires a quarter cup of sugar. Mix the solution well and ensure everything is dissolved.
  3. Cook the solution for good twenty minutes and then wait for it to cool off. After that, pour it into a glass container.
  4. In the next step, add yeast into the mixture by measuring everything and mix it well.
make rice wine vinegar at home
make rice wine vinegar at home

Fermentation process

You will be required to ferment your mixture for two times. The first fermentation requires a week. During this period, check for any bubbles in the mixture. When there are no bubbles, rice vinegar is ready for second fermentation. This will take a month.

After that, boil the mixture again, and add egg whites into it. Wait for it to cool, and your rice wine vinegar is ready for use.

Benefits of Rice Wine Vinegar

Improves digestive health

Rice vinegar is very rich in acetic acid which helps in improving digestive health. The acetic acid ensures that your body is getting enough nutrients from your diet. This enables a person’s body to take in excessive amounts of calcium, vitamins and other nutrients from food which are essential to a person’s body.


Benefits of Rice Wine Vinegar
Benefits of Rice Wine Vinegar

Overcomes fatigue 

Rice vinegar also consists of amino acids which are responsible for stopping the lactic acid from developing. When a person develops lactic acid in his blood, he experiences fatigue. Rice vinegar when added in your everyday meals provides you with the energy you need. Amino acids also improves the immune system of a person.

Enhances skin 

It does not just have health benefits, but also makes your skin look beautiful and fresh. Mix rice vinegar with clean water and some drops of tea tree oil.  Pour it into a bottle and apply on your pimples. Wash it off when it dries. Eventually, you will see your skin becoming clearer than ever. It improves discoloration and helps in minimizing pores.

Assists in maintaining a healthy body

Various Japanese researches claim that using rice wine vinegar helps an individual to maintain his/her weight. Therefore, if you are dealing with the issue of gaining some extra pounds, you don’t have to worry anymore. Just try to incorporate rice wine vinegar to your diet to stop your body from gaining extra calories.

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