Instagram Video Marketing For Celeberities in 2020

Instagram Video Marketing For Celeberities in 2020

Instagram has been ruling the social media for long. Uploading photos sharing, liking and flowers are the main part of the Instagram family. But this family has a very special member that binds most of their bonds together. That is the Instagram video. Alongside this, youtube has been ruling the video uploading industry. As it was the first most popular video platform in the world. You can easily upload or search for any video you want on your YouTube. But Instagram has turned the tables for its users.

Instagram videos

When something can be treated with more than one way it makes the user want to utilize it more. Instagram has several ways of uploading videos. These different ways make Instagram stand out from the rest of social media accounts. It gives more exposure to the content you want to share with your audience and the audience gets to see it in several places on one account.

Instagram video marketing
Instagram video marketing

How is it different?

YouTube has a whole different environment of the audience although the purpose is the same as on Instagram but engaging and the audience environment is different. The communication is rather simple and direct on Instagram. you can also add filters or background music in not time. No need to edit your video and add effects to it.

Different uploading options

YouTube has one way of uploading video since the day it was started. Whereas Instagram has kept evolving. There are different methods of sharing a video on Instagram. You can simply upload it to your account and get likes. Another method is by sharing it on your Instagram story. It will be visible for several hours and you will get to know who has seen your videos.

Instagram has launched IGTV where you can watch videos for an extended time just like on YouTube.

Accessible and less time required

It is a quick way of uploading a video without giving a lot of information. It has also exceeded the time limit of the video up to 6oseconds. Which has become a very convenient way for all Instagram users? It has given different forms of uploading videos on one platform. which makes it a more friendly approach for photos or videos. You can directly record video from Instagram whenever you need to or go live at that moment. You don’t have to make a separate file and upload it later.

Consumers demand

Instagram has drastically increased its users which has made the level of demand much higher. Most of the Instagram followers want to see all the posts including photos stories videos everything to maintain the audience engagement. Video uploading is more in demand due to the depth of information provided by the recorded video rather than uploading still images.

Vidoes on Instagram
Vidoes on Instagram

Youtube versus Instagram videos.

The reason for using Instagram over YouTube videos is pretty clear. You can share your YouTube video on Instagram easily. Which makes it a more reliable source of video uploading. It increases the flow of business along with the rate of audience awareness. You can also provide the link of the video to watch it entire video.

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