One of the rarest Deer Specie Photographed for the first time

Silver Backed Chevrotain deer is the most rare deer specie, it is usually found in forest of Southern Vietnam. Scientists had not seen it for over 30 years until some time ago.

It is also commonly known as Vietnamese mouse deer, as the name suggests it is very tiny having, smaller, body like a deer and face resembling mouse.  It is near to impossible to find and observe it in wilderness; its images were captured by a trap-camera set by Global Wildlife Conservation in Southern Vietnam Forest.

Some scientists and wildlife research disregard it to be either deer or a mouse, contrary to its nickname. It is said to be a world’s smallest mammal.

They are extremely shy, witty and prefer to be alone in deep forests. They walk/run on the tips of hooves and use two frontal fangs as front legs or arms.  They have silver sheen helping them hide.

They were considered to be extinct or just part of imagination until one of them was photographed.  Now scientists are putting in hard to find ways to save them from extinction. First step in process of saving them is to find them in deep and open forest, which seems much easier than finding needle in a hay stack.

Chevrotain were first seen in wild and reported by a group of four people in 1910. Later, fifth sighting took place in 1990, which made it one of the rarest and hard to find animals. All five sighting were coincidental and not intentional. Over the years scientists have lot of effort and time in finding it in forest but in vain.

Upon reports, by local villagers in Hanoi, of sighting of a unknown and indescribable animal around the village trap cameras were set around and inside nearby forest.  Over the course of 5 months cameras recorded about 1800 photographs of various well known species, and luckily took few of Vietnamese mouse.

Rediscovery of such a rare animal has sparked a ray of hope for survival of endangered species. Wildlife scientists are motivated and pumped, more than ever, to save not only Silver Backed Chevrotain deer but also all the rest of endangered species.

Humans and cameras alone are not enough to find this specie in deep forestation. Scientists are using Deer feeders and other attractants to attract it out in the open.  There are many types of deer feeders available on the market but only Best Deer Feeders are used to feed and find Silver Backed Chevrotain deer.