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Top Tricks to make Tiktok videos like a pro

TikTok, the social network that allows you to make short videos, and that have been so popular right now, reaching more downloads than Facebook or Instagram. The Tik Tokers buy TikTok likes to get most out of this platform.

It also has some functions that must be known if you want to be an expert using it. When learned to use them correctly, these tools make each video experience show the user’s creations like a pro. Given this, we present five tricks that can be implemented now to improve skills on TikTok and that you should not overlook:

With TikTok, you can create effects from fast to slow, mix filters and go from one shot to another with a very original effect.

– Zoom: To zoom during the recording of the videos, just press and hold the record button and slide it up and down to zoom in on the shot.

-Recreate conversation: you can simulate a conversation with yourself or with another person. To achieve this effect, the first thing is to record a clip with TikTok, but it must be published privately. Then, the newly recorded video menu opens, pressing on the icon with the three dots. Once inside, look for the “Duet” option and choose the specific part of the clip and apply the effect. It should be done consecutively, applying the video-by-video filter, until achieving continuous recreation.

-Make transitions: Transitions are gestures that serve as background to make changes to takes in a recording. This involves the speed with which the video or music itself is recorded. One of them is to place the hand making a small “C”; bring it closer to the mobile’s lens and open your hand to make it disappear from the shot. Then you can quickly move the camera to another shot and start a new recording.

-Fast to slow: you can go from a shot to a fast camera to a slower one. For this, the initial speed that is wanted in the video is selected. You can start with 3X and go down to 0.1X, or vice versa. To achieve this, press the record button next to the speed bar, this must be moved from highest to lowest to get the effect.

-Mix filters in the same clip: To get this effect, TikTok has numerous options. To choose them, you just have to select the filter you want to use and hold the button to record. Then the filter is changed and re-recorded.

Use BeeCut for TikTok Videos: It has a series of tools that allow the user to create videos as they like on TikTok. It has design functions, adds effects, freezes images, rotates them, and speeds up playback. You have an inventory in your system of templates and extra photos to include, but it allows you to select photos from the gallery. It is compatible with iOS and android.

With all these tips and tricks, don’t forget to create original content, buy TikTok likes, post it at the right time, and interact with your followers.